Wednesday , July 8 2020

I Use This Amazon Shopping Tool to Find All My Summer Wardrobe Staples

While it’s never been my first instinct to shop for clothing on Amazon, I know I’ve been missing out on an actual goldmine. My friends and colleagues have been urging me for some time now to start, so when I found out my impeccably dressed friend and co-worker Anneliese Dominguez shops on the site as well, I knew I had to get started. The associate editor here at Who What Wear has classic and chic style, so naturally, I trust her when she tells me it’s her go-to place to shop when she’s looking to add more staples to her wardrobe.

As if I needed another reason to be convinced about Amazon’s fashion section, she told me about StyleSnap, a tool you can find on the Amazon app that helps you shop for similar items simply by uploading an image of an outfit you love. Yes, you really just read that. It’s like the future of shopping, and I am here for it. Anneliese showed me how she shops for her favorite summer staples with the app, and honestly, I’m not sure how I went all these years without it.

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